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Medical expense on final return

Has anyone had to claim medical expenses on a final tax return for the previous 24 month period instead of just the 12 month period? I had to override the dates on the medical worksheet and wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some setting that would change the dates.


I am doing a t1 for a deceased taxpayer and the dates at the top of the worksheet show from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016. Have you entered the date of death on the Info screen?

I did. But there is a spouse too, who is still alive so maybe that is making a difference.

You can claim the 2 years of medical expenses for the deceased but not for the spouse. That’s likely why the heading at the top has not been changed. As much as it would remind you to claim the 2 years for the deceased, it may also confuse you in thinking you can claim that for the surviving spouse, too. Does the program throw up an error when you enter a medical expense for the surviving spouse in 2015 (it should)? Does it show a warning for the deceased (it shouldn’t)? I haven’t tried, I’m just wondering.

I only entered 2016 expenses for the spouse. Knowing I couldn’t claim any 2015 for her, unless I put a different time period for her, as technically I could optimize based on date. But the two medical forms are tied together, so what goes on one, goes on the other. It doesn’t allow (from what I can see) different dates on the two forms.