MB479 Education property tax credit advance

I have worked in two firms over 6 years and one thing I’ve noticed is that 95% of people get their $700 Education property tax credit advance on their property tax statement. In both other softwares I’ve used Profile and TaxPrep the MB479 Line 6114 has defaulted to show that they received it on their statement, and then a reminder notification would pop up just letting you know that they used that as a default.

Currently TaxCycle defaults to having not received the $700, which means in 95% of the cases, we have to manually enter the $700 on line 6114. When doing 1,000+ returns this becomes a bit of a headache, so my suggestion would be to come in line with Profile and TaxPrep in making it default to received.



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Personally I prefer it the way it is since it makes the staff think about what they are doing rather than assuming the program is correct,

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I’m with Jordan.
I would rather have the $700 automatically plugged into TaxCycle and have to do a T1ADJ later (in case we are wrong) instead of having to complete this field on 95% of our over 1,900 returns.

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Sounds like we need another options setting.