Locking and Unlocking

I updated to version 9.2.39565.0 yesterday.

I commonly use the “lock” and “unlock” buttons that I have assigned to the Quick Access Toolbar, especially for T4’s and T5018’s etc where the files do not automatically lock upon completion of the return.

I notice that on my system these two (lock/unlock) buttons no longer work? They are both shaded out on the toolbar. If I try to add a new slip to a “locked” T4 or T5018 return TaxCycle allows text to be input into the new slip but then sort of crashes. Previously, a locked return would not allow any type of text entry until unlocked.

The only way I can unlock a previously locked T4 file or a T5018 file is to go to Security and then select the “Unlock File”.

Can anyone else confirm that the lock/unlock buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar no longer function?

I had never used those buttons from the Quick Access Toolbar.

I added them and they seemed to work properly on the file I had open.

On reopening the file or other files they were shaded out as you describe.

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We will get this corrected soon.
Thank you for pointing this out.


Thanks Arliss,

How do you go about locking your T4 or T5018 files?
I find it less inconvenient to use the “Security–>Lock File” method.


The lock and unlock icons work properly under the Security tab. So, you can use them for now.


From the Security tab.

Just thinking about it without actually working a file I am not sure I use the Quick Access Toolbar at all.