Data Locking

At least for me the Bulletin bar and automatic data locking seems to have disappeared in the new release. Anyone else have this problem?

Tried full install and it didn’t help.

Rolled back to previous version and all is well again.

Have not filed under the new version yet so I can not say; however, once I do file a return, I will respond unless @cameron does so first.

Anyone? Is it just me or has this happened to everyone?

What is the problem? Are you saying that the bulletin bar never appears?

Do the bulletins appear in the review sidebar when you select “bulletins” from the dropdown? Or is a specific bulletin you are expecting no longer appearing?

We’ve not done much in this area… The only change is that when you complete a T1ADJ, we now show the printing/filing actions in the “transmit” sidebar, which allows us to automatically take an as-filed snapshot when you print or transmit a ReFile return.

Can you provide a few more details and perhaps a file that illustrates the problem?

~ Cameron


I may have found the automatic data locking issue, but I’m not sure about the bulletin bar. I’ll have a new build in an hour or so and if your keen to check it, I’ll send a link.

~ Cameron

It is just that the bulletin bar showing that the file is now locked that appears after transmission is now not appearing. Likely your data locking fix will also take care of the bar issue.

Yes I would be glad to give a new build a spin.

Cameron if you want someone else to test you could send it to me