Listing T776 or T2125 Statements

I’ve checked the documentation for listing slips in a template file. I have clients who have multiple T776 forms or T2125 forms. Is there a way in the template to list them separately, like the slips? I want to be able to list them separately on my invoice. If so, how can I show the property address as opposed to just “T776 Statement of Rental Income”? Thanks.

There isn’t a way to do this right now. I will add a bug to see if we can change the wording on this item and other income statements.

Thanks Elizabeth.

You can manually edit the description line of the billing schedule and add your own text. I do that for clients that have multiple business or farm schedules.

That is how I currently handle it. I just thought there might be a way to have the program list the schedules.

One way I’d like to use this feature is to list these schedules in a pre-season list to a client to assist them in assembling information, much like the slips can be listed.