Double Clicking On Property In Statement Summary

I have noticed this before but it reallly only bothers me with one client who has 6 rental properties. The properties are all listed on the Statement Summary. It would seem normal that if you click on one property it should take you to that statement. However, clicking on any of the properties listed takes you to the last one in the list. Please change this so I don’t have to ditch this client. Thanks.

You’d ditch a client over this?
Show the Sidebar (View > Show Sidebar) and scroll down to "Income statements"
Each one is there, with the address beside it.
Double click to your hearts content!

Sorry. Just being humourous. I’ll note that next time.

So was I - forgot to type the LOL cuz I was thinking about typing “Send him my way!” LOL
Anyway - hope my suggestion helps you out.

Sorry Debbie. It was too late on the last day. Thanks for the feedback.