Letterhead Margins

I’m trying to figure out how to change the margins in the letterhead snippet.

I’m using the Global Template that was shared ages ago, since my logo file is my entire letterhead with address etc.

But I can’t get the letterhead to span across the full page, it insists on sticking to some unknown margin setting in the snippet. My hard copy printed letterhead spans the full width of the page so I think it looks goofy when it’s shrunk to fit the templates in digital format.

Per the attached screenshot, you’ll see that my default letterhead/logo file is too big for the page, so I have to shrink it to accommodate the forced margins. It should be able to go beyond the margins since that’s how printed letterhead would/could be done.

You’ll see from the other screenshot that my original logo file is 8.03", but I have to shrink it by a full inch just so it’s fully visible in my letters, which messes with clarity of the image. Also, I think it looks weird when it’s the same width as the body of the letter. My default margins are 0.75" (left/right), but my letterhead margin should only be 0.25".

Is there anyway to change the margins for this??

Honestly, the best way to do this without cloning a bunch of our built-in letters is to make a letterhead that is maximum of 7 inches wide. All of our templates have a default of 0.75 left and right margins. The template editor doesn’t support a proper header (or footer) with different margins than the body of the letter.

If you don’t want to do that, you may be able to get better results by trying the following things:

First, on the Letterhead snippet, try removing the left and right margins altogether. To do this, go to the properties sidebar and change the Type to Letter so that you can then make the left and right margins 0 inches. Save the file, then change the Type back to Snippet. You’ll notice that this moves the margins as you wish on the letterhead snippet only:

Next, you will have to edit the left and right margins to 0.25 inches on any letter that uses the letterhead snippet. This is the part that I would be reluctant to do as it will mean you are no longer using our built-in letters. (If you already customized them, then this isn’t a big deal!)

The catch with this is that the margins on the entire letter will also only be 0.25, so your text will be wider. Also, if your printer requires a gutter larger than 0.25 to print, then you might see some text cut off.

Here’s what I was able to do (please ignore the random image I have in place of the letterhead, I just grabbed one and resized to 8.03 inches in order to test this).

Thank you!

I will play with this and see what happens. All of my letters are clones of the original templates because the default is to have the letterhead at the top, which I don’t do, so I’m forced to clone them all anyway.

This at least gives me something to try out.