Letter changes in T2 since new update

Is there anyway to get my old client letter after the newest update to the T2 module. This seems to happen every year and I lose the template that I have changed.

Open your old letter in the template editor, then click on “Properties” in the sidebar, and click on the hyperlink I have highlighted below, then tick the box for the 2020 T2 module. Save the template. Then your template will be available in the new module…

Thanks for that, I will use this in the future, but I wasn’t clear enough. The letter that I am using for 2019 T2 was changed after the update and I would like that letter restored if I can?

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Is there any update to this, I am still having to redo my letters for 2019.

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking.

If you mean that you want to use your custom 2019 T2 letter in the 2020 T2 module, you will need to add the T2 2020 to the list of Modules on the properties for the 2019 letter (as Cameron suggested above).

If you are wondering whether we released more changes to the T2 letter in the last release Major T2 update, we did not make changes to the T2 letter in that release.

Ever since I updated to the major T2 update my 2019 letters for the T2 (2019 year ends) reverted back to a different or original one and I have lost the letter that I customized.

This has happened in the past as well to me and I have to redo the letter.

I would suggest you call support. They can likely remotely access your computer and find your letters.