I want to use the invoicing module and charge $100 for a rental schedule. Is there a way to have it charge $100 for a husband and wife team who share the property rather than charging each spouse $100??

Would be the same for all potentially shared income amounts

Is there a way to invoice linked dependants on the joint invoice form?

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How would you like the invoicing to work? Would you charge for both if it was a co-ownership instead of a partnership? If you charge only for one schedule, which spouse should show the charge – the spouse that owns the larger portion of the business or the “primary” spouse.

Do we need to change the way it currently works or do we need to add some new flexibility to do it either way.

In my previous company, the billing rules were defined by one major customer… this time around we have some flexibility to make it work the way we like.

We (or you, if inclined) could create a “Family” invoice that would include the linked dependant returns. We’ve had a few requests for this but not tons… what does the community think? Has anyone created one already?

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I do not use the invoicing that much, I just place my price for the return(s) in and prepare the invoice which includes the dependents if they are applicable.

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I do not use the ‘invoicing’, as such. I merely use the billing schedule, and create my own invoice based on that in Quickbooks.

Our office is similar to James. We don’t do separate invoices for spouses or dependents; it all goes on one. And like James, we don’t use the billing schedule we just enter the amount we are going to bill.

I currently add a discount on each return in those situations. Everyone loves a discount. :heart_eyes:

I would appreciate the family invoice, as well as the option to not invoice the spouse on a partnership business statement.

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Just to follow up on this I have started working on some improvements here, the results of which you’ll see before September, and maybe as early as July.

One side effect of this work is that you’ll have a new filter in the index view to show all shared forms and schedules. Is this of any use?

~ Cameron

Thanks Cameron

A major step in the right direction. I’d still like a single invoice for all linked taxpayers but I can work with this

Personally, I am not sure this is of much use to me; however, I also do not see any drawbacks to it as well

I also just show a discount on one of the spouses. Would like to see some Invoice reports?


I would love this. I’m struggling though creating one in preparation for this tax season. Will share if someone would find it of use.

Last year with Cameron’s help, I created a custom invoice that lists appropriate schedules and shows amounts for particular ones. We only do one invoice per couple and the one major thing it won’t do automatically is to show a partner’s forms on the invoice. If people want to reciprocate, we would share ours.

Charge shows up on both spouses and discount is reflected on one. Easy to explain to client. I would like to see reports generated from our invoicing.

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Hi Jim_burch, if you don’t mind sharing your custom invoice I would gladly like to see it.

Just wondering what the status of family invoicing is? I would also like to be able to have an invoice that included the work done on all linked returns.

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You’ve inspired me. Just working on this now. If I can get it done in the next day or so, would you care to take a look and see what you think? I can send you a template file prior to the next release to try it out…

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Thanks so much for the offer, @Elizabeth ! I will be glad to take you up on it. Let me know what you need from me.