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Invalid Email Address

We have been unable to use any of our TELUS email addresses. All addresses which end in are flagged as invalid. We have mailed enquiries to TaxCycle and DO NOT get a response. Is this the way they manage this company? The only help being from other users?

Phone them at 1-888-841-3040


Thanks for contacting us. I understand that you have spoken to Tony in our office and we’ve determined and agreed that you have purchased another tax product from another company. We have deleted your account as you requested.

We wish you all the best through the rest of tax season. We’ll leave these posts on our forum for a few days, and then we’ll delete it unless anyone objects.

~ Cameron


I believe you have talked with our support team regarding this issue…please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you.

~ Rob


That is funny, :grinning:

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Am I reading this correctly, the original poster had an issue with a competitors product and was disparaging TaxCycle for an issue they could not get to work. Cue the MasterCard Commercial . Priceless.

Yes you are reading it correctly

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I was confused, too, and couldn’t figure out if someone really was complaining to TaxCycle about a competitor’s product. I just didn’t think someone could be that … well you know.