Industry Code Issue

Had some problems with Industry Codes filing older returns this morning.

It appears to me the prior year codes in the program may need to be updated with the newer industry codes. Code in prior year was no longer valid (Efile rejection) and newer code could not be entered.

I had to pick a still valid code that wasn’t really all that relavant to the business to successfully Efile.

CRA Error Y80002 for an Invalid NAICS Code

We’ve been advised by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of an issue affecting prior year returns, when a NAICS code is entered. The user receives error Y80002 for an invalid NAICS code.


The CRA suggests either waiting until the correction is in place or using a valid NAICS code that most closely describes the business activity.

Anticipated Resolution

We will update this news article as soon as the CRA provides further information.

CRA eh. :grinning: