E-file error code 194

Anyone getting error code 194? I got it on two unrelated tax return when trying to transmit. It says “The Canada Revenue Agency is experiencing technical difficulties and is unable to process this return at this time.”

I called and spoke to the E-file help desk and she said she has never heard of that error and the taxpayers sin number is not showing up as being rejected. She told me she has already had another preparer call this morning with the same issue.

Anyone else have this happening?

Only filed a 2016 final return this morning and got back accepted with code 182. Not sure what CRA would flag on their side.

In my case the returns were rejected

I checked with our EFILE contact at CRA and they asked if we could contact you to get some details about these returns. This could be a database issue on CRA’s side but they would like to trace it to see what the source is; opening day. We could call you whenever that is convenient.

I can call you in about 10 minutes. How will I reach you?

CRA just sent the following note to software developers regarding error 194:

Message 194 (EFILE) = This message is setting for users that have field code 6186 (NL returns). We are working to resolve it. We do not have an ETA for this issue.

Field 6186 is the unused low-income tax reduction on the NL428.


Another great reason why I think TaxCycle is the best, the people behind the scenes are amazing. Thanks @Allen for looking into this.

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Hey @Allen Allen, did CRA mention anything about MB T1 returns?
I have a file that has gotten the 194 efile rejection code and can’t see what the error would be.

They only mentioned the case for NL. I just sent a note asking if they were aware of an issue for MB returns. If not, they may ask for a DCN or SIN.

Update: Just got a reply that they are not aware of an issues with MB and ask for a DCN. If you can send that to me, I will forward to CRA.

I live in Sask. and got this same message for a resident of Fort MacMurry in Alberta… Ironically a parent’s return went through with no difficulty


Update @Allen I have been successful in transmitting the error code 194 returns.

thanks for your assistance. Great job in getting CRA to fix.

I tried again and got same error…who do I send error note to??


Dave Abbey
GORANDMAR Personal Income Tax Service

Telephone 306-956-0829 (306-956-0[TAX]
Fax 306-956-0831

We asked CRA if they were aware of any other reasons that error 194 would be triggering, now that the NL issue has been addressed.
They are asking if either of the last couple cases might have and amount on line 307 of Schedule 1 in the return.

Yes, my MB return does have an amount on line 307.
Caregiver amount from adult daughter that lives with them and it is NOT a first year claim.
The S1 shows it as line 307 but the 5 year summary & FL etc shows it as line 315.
Could this be the issue?

I am getting the 194 message today.