Import Multiple forms

Would love the ability to import multiple forms at once.
This would automate our T2 prep 95%.
Using a Caseview template, we already pull the values to enter into TaxCycle.
It would be pretty straight forward to add the field code (T2 prep time < 5 minutes).
The problem is only one form can be imported at once which takes longer than manual entry.

It will also remove human error and reduce review time.

That is a good idea.

Would you be able to share how you built the case view template? We also use caseware.

Kind Regards
Gerry A

Basically a CV table that pulls values from either Map number values or cells in other CV templates we use.
For instance - the $1,278 pulls the value from our CV asset worksheet
Amount to enter as instalment pulls from our CV corp. tax reconciliation.


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thank you. I’ll give that a try. do you have to create an import table within taxcycle?

Yes, and then copy paste from CV the filed code / value.
Really not worth it though because you need to save a template/file and import separately for each T2 form.

If you could import without the form by form restriction it would be so easy.

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