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Add days onto T1 invoice date

Is there a way to insert a date in the invoice template that is 10 days after the invoice date?

Try this:

{{ format(CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate + 10, “January 2, 2003”) }}

It is important that there is a space before and after the plus sign (+).

Note that if the Invoice date is blank, using the code like this will put January 11, 0001 in your template. To handle that scenario, you can wrap the date in a condition, like this:

{{# CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate }}{{ format(CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate + 10, “January 2, 2003”) }}{{/ CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate }}

Let us know if this works for you.

~ Cameron

That works fine. How do I insert an alternative sentence if the invoice date is blank?
Does this method of adding days also work on other dates in Taxcycle?

{{^ CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate }}No invoice date.{{/ CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate }}


~ Cameron

I added this alternate sentence as a separate statement in the invoice but it doesn’t show in the preview when the invoice date is blank.

Weird. Try this instead:

{{# not(CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate) }}No invoice date.{{/}}

~ Cameron

I changed this part of the sentence an now it works. Thanks![quote=“Cameron, post:6, topic:645”]
{{# not(CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.InvoiceDate) }}