For the Adventurers - New Client Manager and editing features

In addition to the other TaxCycle changes we released this week, there were a few other things that forum participants requested. Unfortunately, these suggestions require that we reindex the database and change the editing experience slightly, so we didn’t want to include them in a general release in the last month of tax season.

Instead, we’ve created this special build: The tax content is identical to the general release.

This version of TaxCycle installs a new database. You will need to re-index your tax returns after installing. Please allow for this before updating.

New features:

  1. Client Manager Return view –
    a. There are three new columns in the returns view – Preparer, Reviewer & Approver. These values are read from the Engagement form of the return.
    b. Under the address section (bottom left), TaxCycle now displays all of the relationships for the selected return.

  2. Client Manager Return & Card view –
    a. Updated presentation of the return details.

  3. Editing features
    a. You can now click on the memo or tape icons in a field while in “review” mode
    b. Memo and Tape windows now stay open when you switch to another program, making it easier to copy and paste (this will probably be optional behaviour in a future main stream release)
    c. The tape will appear as a fly over window when you hover over a field which has no other review messages.
    d. In review mode, you can click on the line items in the fly over tape to add review marks to the tape directly.

All of these items will be generally released after tax season is over. If you have any feedback, please share it with us.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

Installed and played with it a bit. I really like the that the tape appears on the fly-over. The additional info in the client manager is nice as well.

In the give us some, we ask for more department: it would be nice to have some of these type of features in DoxCycle, for example, have the option to shrink a tape or memo to an icon and then hover over it for it to appear. This would make it easier to associate a note or a tape to a specific item in DoxCycle, making it clear to which item it relates.

Thanks for getting us this update before the end of the season.