Fonts "fuzzy" / lighter?

Have just noticed something peculiar - and am wondering if it’s me, my monitors…or a bug?

While working in TC it seems that the text in the top and bottom blue bars has gone…fuzzy. There’s just no other way to describe it. And the tax amounts etc at the bottom have gone lighter.

Haven’t had a lot of time to experiment as yet and this has been running perfectly on my Azure server for pretty much the entire time I’ve been a TC client. Very odd!


I see there’s an update pending so will do that when I’m done and maybe reboot the entire shebang, but this has never occurred previously and in no other program. All the “tax return” stuff seems fine, but it’s possible that some of the other menu items are also affected…it’s harder to tell there though.

I’m still running the 2022-08-02 “minor fix” version 11.2.47721.0 and am not experiencing these issues.

I notice that there was an update released on 2022-09-13 (version 11.2.48021) which is designated as an “optional” update containing enhancements to support the lastest TaxFolder update. Perhaps this version is causing your problem? I don’t use Tax Folder and haven’t installed this update.
I considered updating to this version to test your problem, but the Download Link to revert back to version 11.2.47721.0 is damaged, so I’d have to download backwards two versions in order to restore my system, so I’m opting not to install that newest Tax Folder version.

…and it’s normal again. Crisp and clear as a bell on a cold day. (I rebooted local PC and remote server, and just did the 11.2.47721.0 update.)

Beats me.