Filing an election

I have to file an election 45(2) with a T1 tax return.
I’m efiling the T1.
I have read the election must be mailed.

I’m using the following link to find the correct tax centre.

Is this how others are finding the correct tax centre to mail documents to?

Yes. They’ve updated it recently, as it used to just be a list of the tax offices and what areas they served.

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Thank you.

I clicked:
A mailing address > Province > City > Personal income tax (T1)

The page asks What type of documents or correspondence do you want to send? after I select the city.

For the election should I be using the mailing address for Personal income tax (T1) or Other - I did notice they are different addresses.

I believe I recently used the T1 address to paper file an election in support of an Efiled return (with that elections box ticked on the WS!) - I also marked the envelope Attn: Individual Taxpayer Services…
The return came back coded for pre-assessment review, but it was just assessed (very quickly) without any communication from CRA so I assume they managed to match them up alright.