Few dumb questions

  1. Can one efile 2021 T1 in January 2022?
  2. Can one paper file 2021 T1 in January 2022?
  3. Can one efile Dec 31, 2021 T2 in January 2022?
  4. Can one paper file Dec 31, 2021 T2 in January 2022?
  5. Can one file T4, T5 for 2021 in first week of January 2022?

1 and 3 are definite “no” because conversion won’t be complete until some time in Feb (if you’re an authorized Efiler, you should have the dates already from CRA).

2 and 4 are debatable, predicated on having compliant software or a preprinted return, both of which are highly unlikely.

5 is a yes.

We needed @joe.justjoe1 to determine these are not course assignment questions? Lol

You probably think that you got 100% on that assignment question.
Are you sure? :rofl:

Contrary to @SmallBizGuy I would say #3 is a yes - I have filed several T2s in January. However, it is unlikely that a corporation with a December year-end (other than an inactive one) will have all its books and records ready for year-end prep before the end of January.

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@Nezzer Fair enough…it would also have to be the world’s simplest T2.

I typically file my own T2 for my PC in January of the new year… it is either in January or not until June. It is either the first or the last one done. Cobbler’s kids have no shoes, right?

But none the less, T2s generally have more flexible dates and change less than T1s.