Favorites and monitors disappear

With the new version upgrade (6.0.30939.0), I have lost my favorites bar that I set up (it is back to default) and the monitors that I had on the bottom are back to default too. I tried adding the forms back on my favorite bar but when I closed Taxcycle and came back it, it was back to default.


We’ve added a new feature to allow you to control where those settings for the data monitor are stored. I suspect for some reason the folder that we use by default does not exist. Check your options under files and folders, and make sure you have a valid directory set for these items, as follows:

If TaxCycle indicates that the folder does not exist, you should create one.

Let us know if that helps.

~ Cameron

So if everything in this setting area is controlled by the Network settings, does that mean that we now have to share our favorites and monitors with all staff and it can’t be customized by user?

If you use the default settings you can still customize by user.

If you want to share everyone’s favourites and data monitors, you can provide a shared network path.

~ Cameron

I have done as you suggested and the folder exists, but I still cannot save favourites. I am using the default folder, working in a network situation with individual favourites for each user. Yet no one can save their favourites.


I am making a change in the next version to make this easier. If individuals want to save their favourites locally, you will leave that folder blank.

The same will apply to printer settings.

The update will come on Monday or Tuesday next week.

~ Cameron

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