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Family summary long

I cannot seem to find the long form of the Family Summary. Pls advise of the F4 keyword to access.
I hope it has not been removed as I worked hard trying to get it implemented.

The regular one only prints the lines with amounts in them whereas the long version shows a full set of deductions and tax credits similar to the 5 yr summary which I use to check to return together the spouse. Its real handy.

Pls add it back, as it was there last yr and there are a lot of other changes introduced that only serve a few also but they are able to stay in the program.

Maybe it can be revised to be on one sheet : the income / deductions on the left side and the credits and taxes on the right side


It’s still there. Check your form availability settings if you want to use it for single taxpayers. The F4 form name is FL.

Why is the FL only avail when there are 2 returns, it was there last yr for a single taxpayer.

It is just not a Fam summary but rather a detailed tax summary as well that s/be on one sheet with the income
and deductions on the left and the tax credits & taxes payable on the right like the following .

This would be great - thx

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