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Would really love if you could implement something REALLY similar to Profile’s T1 taxpayer summary screen (F10) and comparative summary screen (Shift + F10)


Our Family Summary (F10) gives our version of Profile’s “Summary”, It’s a multi column format to cover all the family members, and we drop out all the zero value lines to remove the clutter.

The 2YearClient summary (F4 then “2YearC”, gives a our version of ProFiles “comparative” in a two column format that also drops out the zero value lines.

We also have a few other summaries for your to check out F4 and then look at “T1Summary” and “T1ShortSummary” for two other variations of summaries for one client.

All the feedback we’ve had on summaries is to remove lines with zero values. The ProFile summaries you reference show all the values, even when zero. In all my years of doing this, I’ve heard nothing but complaints about summaries where we show all the values. Can you tell me why you prefer these summaries to what we’ve done in TaxCycle?

Thanks for taking the time to express your views. I want to understand what you are looking for so that we can find appropriate solutions to get the information you want.

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Me thinks dalefan must not have found all of your summaries as the selections are excellent.

I think the issue is the use of page space and ability to read what’s going on. I especially like the Profile summary screen and use it every time I prepare a tax return and everyone of my colleagues who uses Profile uses that summary along with the comparative summary religiously.

Reasons why I like the Profile summary screen:

  • Easy to read with guiding lines (looks similar to spreadsheet)

  • Very compact. Lots of information packed onto one page (probably the main reason why I like it so much)

  • Can use that screen like a homepage where you can drill-down/double-click on the various items and you’ll be brought to the appropriate place on the tax return (TaxCycle does this too which is great)

  • Showing the 0 values also serves as a reminder as to the different lines/items that make up income/deductions/the entire tax return.

  • Everything rounded to the dollar

In your current 2YearC format, for example, if you showed 0 values I can see why people wouldn’t like it since it makes the summary unnecessarily long.

I feel as though the current Family and 2YearClient screens are almost too simple for me (probably since I’m used to Profile)–they’d be good for clients but for me I wouldn’t mind a little more information being packed in there and don’t care for all that whitespace.

If your design ethos is to remove 0 values, then isn’t having 0 values on your 5YearSummary contradictory?

@Arliss Um, yeah I guess? That’s a good way to improve.

I didn’t say it was our design ethos, I said “I hear nothing but complaints”.

The 5 year summary shows all the zero values, because it can be used for data entry when you have a new client and no file to carryforward. Some preparers recreate the 5 year summary from paper records by entering the data there.

I get constant feedback that we need to remove all the zero lines on that summary. See this topic, for instance: 5 year summary is too long - #9 by krisfalusi

Thanks for taking the time to share the reason’s you like ProFile’s version. I’ll take that back to the team and we’ll discuss it.

Just to be sure, have you see our “2YearVariance” summary? It has more details, and guiding lines making it look more like a spreadsheet.


~ Cameron

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Cameron, maybe consider having the option to show zeros and hide them but default them to hide. This is was caseware does, it gives the option for the user to decide if they want to see the zeros or not.

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