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Comment on Family Summary

I was wondering if a small change could be made to the famsum and /or the famsum long.

When we switch spouses F5 the spouse or person we are working on s/be on the left column say the man and when switch to the wife then her info s/be on the left. Now it appears there is no change in the col when switch taxpayers.

That’s what the F5 is for I thought. It would be easier to see and review as you switch between spouse.


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We had this feature in Profile and I didn’t like it. I much prefer that the family stays in the same order, no matter whose return I am on.

But the Family and Couple Summary seems to have turned off in the 2016 module with the last update. It is challenging to finish our 2016 files without them!


I just checked, and I see that the family and joint summaries are still there in 2016… what has changed is that they will only be selected to print for the principal taxpayer. Some clients asked for this change so the summaries just print once. To have them print for all taxpayers, you can adjust the print selection as follows. Right click on the family summary inside of your review print set, and select the option shown:

Let us know if that solves your problem.

~ Cameron

The icons are greyed out (see top right favorite bar - this is a single taxpayer). When I try to use the jump codes for FAM and JOINT, neither one comes up anymore. It isn’t in the printing, the access to these forms seems gone.

Oh okay… that’s deliberate. We’ve set it so that the family summary is only available when there are at least 2 clients in the file. The joint summary is only available when the return is coupled with a spouse.

The 2 year client summary has the same information, just juxtaposed with the previous year data. Would that work?

I’m not sure everyone would want the family or joint summary available for single taxpayers, but we could consider it.

The 2 year client summary printed into PDF is long and ugly. We were using the family summary for all clients no matter how many tax returns there were in the file so it was uniform in our files and it fit on one page (in most cases). Can we have it back or something similar for a single taxpayer?

It does not matter to me in what order the spouses show up, but I’d like another option in the print settings to “show and print for spouses, but do not show and print for dependants”.

I agree with @valb

The family summary will be available for all taxpayers in a release this week. There is a new option under T1/Form availability.