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5 year summary is too long

I don’t have many specialized clients with info on every line and every section so this might just be my issue and no one else’s but I was very disappointed to see a 4 page summary… that’s a ridiculous amount of paper when the goal these days is to reduce. Last year was my first year with tax cycle and I had a hard enough time adjusting to the 3 page summary instead of 2 (profile).

Is there any way I can edit the 5 yr summary to remove the page breaks?

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Hello @liz_smethurst. Unfortunately, there is no way to currently remove the page breaks.

However, this is the second request I have heard about wanting to shorten the five year summary to show only relevant rows. I am going to raise a suggestion with the T1 team to see what can be done to help in the future.


Could you do a 5 year summary using the same line compression you use for the F10 family summary?

F11 or F12 could be a compressed 5 year summary?

The F10 result is a thing of beauty compared to the other software.

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Thank you Norman - I had never gotten around to actually pushing F10… you’re right - it is pretty awesome :wink:

@Elizabeth - Maybe I’m asking the wrong way… I think it’s very helpful to have a consistent summary (even though the F10 is wonderful) but page 3 & 4 right now are less than half a page at their fullest expansions - all the 400 lines could at least be fit on one page. It might also be helpful to look at some groupings - ie; total employment & other income. OAS, CPP, T4A = pensions. There are 7 lines in non-ref section detailing CPP, EI & PPIP contributions. Theoretically, if someone cares for the individual items, you have also given a T1 summary or the full jacket.

Also have the same basic issue with the T2125 summary - one whole page dedicated to income lines defeats the purpose of “summary”

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@liz_smethurst You’re not asking the wrong way. This is exactly why we like these discussions on the the community. We get a chance to hear in more detail about what preparers think.

@Norman Great ideas. Getting them all down in our tracking system so the team can take a look.

Right now the 5 year summary serves as the place where historical information can be entered if carryforward is not available for some reason.

So what we will need to do is provide an additional 5year summary that hides the zero lines, I think.

~ Cameron


Another option might be to keep the same 5 year summary, but allow a screen/print option to hide zero lines. From a user perspective, I would find that easier than having to deal with more than one 5 year summary.


I like the 5 Year Summary just as it is.

I also really value the 2 Year Summary and Variance Reports.

I view or print the Family Summary for every return and I mark it up using the check marks feature whenever I review a Notice of Assessment.

I need all these reports! Thank-you for providing them.

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I see that there is a new 5 Year Short Summary that will print on 1 page for most clients !!

Is this new this year ? This form is AWESOME!

Great improvement.


How did you access that 5 Year Short Summary?

Hit F4 then type 5yearshort

or even just F4 then 5 gets you there too.

I believe it is only in the 2018 T1 module.

Hmm! Nope that’s not working for me.

I wonder if it is only in the newer version.
I’m on 8.1.34803.0

Not sure what version it started with but F4 “5” comes up with the 5 year short summary on my version.

1 upvote for Matthew’s suggestion. A user “on/off” switch for zero lines to print or not would be great.

It works for me and it is a great tool for client tax planning meeting

Could be, I’m on 8.1.34657.0
Better get that updated.

Thank you for the info