Family Doxcycle - File naming error

Steps I used to recreate the error:

  1. Family Taxcycle return
  2. Tax Link : Create Family FIle
  3. Save Doxcycle file.

Doxcycle puts in a leading space in the file name. The leading space is stripped by the operating system.

Taxcycle will now try to link to \…\ family.pdf and will not be able to find it. The file is saved as \…\family.pdf I have had to search for the family file everytime. This causes issues when printing to doxcycle…sometimes the tax return can find the proper file to print to for one spouse but will attempt to create a new doxcycle pdf for the other.

This only happens when created a family doxcycle file from taxcycle. Not when creating a single taxpayer doxcycle from taxcycle.