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F10 key

Realize that F10 in the T1 module brings up the family summary…

Unless you have other plans, I would suggest you use the F10 in the T2 to bring up the T2 summary


In Microsoft Office, pressing shows the key tips, but not many people seem to use that. And we’ve turned F10 for key tips off in TaxCycle, at least for now.

I’ve added the F10 to the T2 as you requested. What should it do in the T4, T5, T5013, etc? Maybe the slip summary?

At some point in the future, we may bring F10 back to the Office standard. However, we’ll make it an option and will probably default it to false (unless we’re required to do otherwise to get Windows certification or some such).

~ Cameron


Thanks Cameron, and yes, for the info slip modules, the slip summary would be great for F10

(never realized the Microsoft Office (and seems like QB) use of F10)

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