Extension to the 2017 filing deadline this year?

Does anyone know if there will be an extension to the T1 Filing deadline of April 30th ?

Why would there be? April 30 is a business day.

… And we know with absolute certainty that there are NEVER ANY hackers, internet, or other electronic glitches occurring on 30 April each year… :grin:

Unless their servers melt down, there will be no extension.
I don’t want an extension. Let the pain end!

Been doing Efile since the very first year it was offered (1991?). CRA systems were often overloaded for the first dozen years on the last day, and they consistently allowed authorized Efilers additional time. We frequently couldn’t get an answer, waited for days and days for ack files to come back…

That kind of congestion hasn’t happened in a long time, though apparently this year the IRS barfed on filing day.