T4-Box 24 & 26

2021_04_25_20_15_47.pdf (440.3 KB)
This is the first time I am seeing a T4 slip where the box 24 and 26 amount is more than box 14. Is this normal or someone made mistake while preparing the T4 slip?

Check out guide RC4120 for bsrbers, hairdressers, taxi, placement etc

You might need to ask the employee/worker a few more questions.

This one is for a plumber in apprenticeship.

The difference is the amount in box 85. So my guess it’s the amount the employer into the insurance/health plan. So there may or may not be a taxable benefit but regardless the t4 is wrong.

I am also thinking so, any amount in box 40, 42, 85, etc, mostly included in Box 14 and these amounts can or can not be taxable but nothing to do with box 24 and 26 as they are EI Insurable earnings and CPP Pensionable earnings. Thanks for the clarification.