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ENOA issues?

So far I’m 0 for 3 on ENOA’s …anyone else?

I am 1 for 6 so far. The first one I filed on 24th worked, and none since. I have been checking them every day. I think that after 5 days you will not get the ENOA in any event.

This feature is a waste of time. I have given up suggesting it! This creates too much extra work.
The CRA should pull the plug on this!


Agree with you 100% @dharnish. We have never offered the option to our clients and have no intention of doing so.

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Very handy for Tax Refund Discounting though

Do not want to start discount or cash back that is just a way to screw your clients. This is just my opinion !

It never made a lot of sense to me either seeing that the "Proof of Income " is available on RAC immediately after filing usually including much more detail.