Enjoy the new doxcycle

I think you guy have hit it out of the park with this Well done colan
and the team.

Except for the fact it is a beta version with a separate download. I guess I will have to wait until the auto update.

Don’t wait try it now it will down load over your present one

Except that I would need to go an install the beta on every computer in my office. Just not that convenient. Are we going to see a auto update soon?

I did it for mine it took just 30 minute to do mine if you have the program in c drive it very easy to do just grab the file from one computer to the other in the network

Yes< I know I can put it on my server and then go to each computer log into it as the administrator and load the program and everyone is on the beta; however, I just do not see the point of doing that when we have a feature called auto update that should do it for me instead

Auto update is here. Excellent:grinning:

Glad you happy enjoy the new update