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Become a TaxCycle beta tester!

We’re expanding our beta tester list and giving it a home on this online community.

If you’re interesting in being the first to see new modules and features in both TaxCycle and DoxCycle–and you enjoy giving us feedback–we’re inviting you to sign up to be a beta tester.

Signing up is easy. Simply reply to this topic and we’ll have all we need to add you to the Beta group in the online community.

Once we add you to the group, you’ll see a new category for beta testing. Keep an eye on it as this is where we’ll post information about beta versions.


I’d be interested in being added to the group. :slight_smile: Thanks!

@verlin you are now in the group… Please give the welcome topic a read and stay tuned for beta announcements.

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Sign me up.

I have added this sentence to exceed the 20 character minimum for a post.

Done @james1. (You’re right, I also needed the 20 characters…)

Count me in as well.

You’re on the list @Arliss. You should see the welcome topic now.

I sent a private message to Rob to sign up yesterday, before this thread was started. Just wanting to ensure that I am set to receive notification.


You are @BertMulderCGA. You’re good to go if you see the Beta category on the front page of the community.

Please count me in as a beta tester. I have been waiting for the T3s to be available.

I am interested in being a beta tester. Thanks

@bwilson0418 and @clayton, you are on the list.

I’d be interested in being part of the beta testing.

@traceychaves, you’re now on the list. Thanks for your help.

i would be interested in being a beta tester

You’re on the list now, @nevans. Welcome!

I would like to help Beta test please.

You’re in @cde. Stay tuned…

Hi. I’d love to be part of the Beta group if you still need people :smile:

Count me in. Sounds like it will be interesting.