Engagement letters - one page

I would love it if the Engagement letter template could be be kept at one page. The second page has almost no info except the signature on it and I find its a waste of paper. (Save a tree!!)

I have done it myself by changing the client signature and date to be on the same line (using a snippet, thank you @Elizabeth) and I decreasing the font. But it is a pain to do each year.

If anyone feels the same, please let the creators know!



If you get a copier that duplexes, you can still save a tree and let the template remain the same.

I actually never use it. If i have a new client, i just get them to fill a T183 after getting the basic personal info.

I prefer to have them sign the Engagement Letter. I set to print duplex as helga_spence mentioned.

I often send a PDF to clients and they don’t duplex

Now that you have it setup can you not set the letter to cover off multiple years?

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Yes, that works for past years. But when a new year is added (i.e. 2019) you have to copy from a past year, and overwrite the new year template. If there have been updates to the template, you would lose them.

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BTW, I second Nicole’s suggestion!

The engagement letter covers certain subjects which generally are required to be discussed by either your professional association or your insurance company. Remember that the purpose of the letter is to have the client agree, BEFORE you start work, that they have asked you to do work and that they will pay. You may always choose not to use the letter, but then you run the risk of clients asking you to do work, but walking away and not paying.

Should you not like the default text, you can discuss the matter with your professional association and/or your insurance company to determine what may be removed.

Should either refuse to reduce the letter, your alternative option is to change the font size so that the entire letter appears on one page.

I have an entirely difference engagement letter than provided and maintain several others outside of TaxCycle given that the situations appear only rarely. But, the engagement letter serves to “nail down” that my client asked me and agreed to pay me. The rest is window dressing and setting of terms.


I’ll see what I can do. It might be an adjustment to font size or margins. It may also depend on your printer defaults.

Thanks Elizabeth but Marc already replied and following his direction, all is fine.



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Can you explain what you mean by “printer defaults”?
Some printer drivers allow the user to set “minimum margins” or substitute the chosen software font (i.e. in TaxCycle) for a “built-in” font (in the printer), but neither of these apply to my printer.
I can’t find a “default” print setting in TaxCycle to change the fonts or margins (without editing a template).
I am unsure what other “printer defaults” could affect whether printed content will fit on one page.

I don’t see a reply from Marc here. Could you share it, if it is applicable?

Yes, it’s just a check box to add it to the current year. I have a dozen or so customized templates, and I don’t recreate them year to year. I just check what modules it is used in from the list. Easy!