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Efiling T3 Returns

If I attach a Trust’s shareholdings in a Note, how can I be sure that my otherwise “eligible to efile” T3 return is sent with the Notes page. I have a receipt that the return was efiled but am not certain the notes went with it.

The T3 Return filing doesn’t support notes being filed along with the return. The information page about the T3 Return filing states: "All elections, including supporting documentation, must be sent to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in writing, unless otherwise indicated. "

More information can be found below:

  • Rob

Thanks Rob,
I too had seen that but because it wasn’t an election and because I was actually copying the info onto the Notes page of the actual return I didn’t know if that page got transmitted with the return. I spoke to the CRA and was told I couldn’t efile T3 returns! I think I will paper file for now until I get someone at CRA who knows what they are talking about or clarification as to whether the Notes page is transmitted. Thanks again.