Efile error Code 130

“Validities in the Canada Revenue Agency’s processing system prevent this return from being accepted for EFILE. In order to ensure that your client receives all the benefits and deductions allowed and to verify the Canada Revenue Agency’s validities, you need to file a paper return and attach all pertinent slips and receipts. We regret the inconvenience.”
I got the above message with efile error code 130. Now how can I print the CRA condensed return without answering “yes” in line 14 of the Efile worksheet?
is there any way to say that we are paper filing due to code 130? or due to efile code?

Go to EFILEResults.

I would expect the error code 130 would be in the explanation filed. Print that page and included it with the file.

CRA should be able to confirm the code.

You should consider contacting the Efile help desk.

If you do not plan or normally file a lot of paper filing returns, I would use line 14. Should you surpass the allotted number of paper filed returns, I would suggest that you have kept a separate log of error codes and the manner in which you resolved was to tag line 14. Proof of this would certainly revers any penalties issued to you.