Editing Client Letter

Is there an easy way to disable some of the parts from the Client letter (such as tuition amount sections) but keep the rest intact? I tried removing some of them but this changes the code and then other sections don’t show properly.

The easiest way I’ve found is to use “snippets” in the letter but reworking that at this time of year might be a bit counter-productive. Other than that, look for the start of that section (with the “#”) and the end of the section (with the “/”). It should be pretty much the same for whatever section you want to remove.

Thanks. The problem is that the sections are somehow connected with each other so after I remove one of them, the other ones don’t work properly. For instance, when you remove the tuition section from the letter, it prints that you have transferred your credits to another person even if there is no transfer…

When you are working with templates, conditional sections have an opening tag which is in the form {{ # conditional statement }} and an ending tag in the form {{ / conditional statement}}. This tells TaxCycle if the conditions are met to print the template information that exists after the opening tag and before the closing tag.

In the tuition section there are several conditional sections. If you start with the first conditional statement and follow that down to where you see the same condition repeated prefaced by {{ / }} you can remove the whole section including the start and end tags without impacting other parts of the letter. The condition will tell you what field(s) TaxCycle is referencing and the logic for each conditional section.

Also keep in mind, if you choose to clone the letter and remove this section, any subsequent updates we make to the built-in template will also have to be manually updated by you in your custom version.

More information on conditional statements can be found here:

If you want to look at how snippets work, you can find that information here:

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