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Drop down boxes for Mr, Mrs, Ms. etc all modules

Can we have a built in option to select “none” for our LGBTQ community so we can clear complete the field, carried forward year to year and the program can ignore it when printing letters. Some of my clients are ok with Mx but some want nothing.

Can you just set the system to not give you a warning if the Title is missing? (i.e., turn off that review message). then you can format the salutation in your letters to deal with it if it is blank.

Mattew is correct. You do have the option to simply not complete this field and turn off the related review message in your options.

How to do this is described in our Review Messages help topic on our website:


I believe that choice does not carry forward from year to year. It 's one of the first review items and gets addressed so there are no further issues with titles for the season

Yes I know, but we prefer to use the salutations the client wants. and I want staff to complete so ie the diagnostic