Doxcycle - Medical Expense Details

I have created categories within the medical expenses for my DoxCycle files. I categorize the medical expenses by sub-categories such as Dental, Rx Slips, Long Term Care, etc. This categorization lets me group things such as Rx slips so they can be added more easily.

The problem I’ve found is that the box that lets me enter the date, amount, and patient only shows if the category is left as “Medical Expense”. I cannot enter the posting information if I use one of the sub-categories.

I too like to highly organize and I like the sound of your system, if it worked.

I am still trying to figure out if I can use Doxcycle to post medical expenses efficiently.

Things I would do to make it better.

  1. Predictive typing in the description and/or a pull down menu with common medical expense descriptions.
  2. The ability to get rid of the grid on particular documents. ie. First 2 pages on a 3 page drug store print out.

My wish list has the ability to get rid of the grid on any document or slip whenever I choose. Make the little “x” in the corner delete the grid rather than minimize it. As more slips come in through AFR, the workflow is going to change, and the work in Doxcycle with slips will become redundant and after determining a slip has downloaded getting rid of the grid with a click would be nice.

Another issue, at least for me.

If the medical expense receipt is small in length, and previous items have been posted to Taxcycle, I cannot see the details of what has been entered or change them, before posting the new receipt.