DoxCycle and medical expenses

My first year with TaxCycle and I’m appreciating most but one aspect: medical expenses and how inefficient it is to process them using DoxCycle.

There are a few aspects of it, but here is the latest one from earlier today: I go through the effort of scanning all the receipts, inputting the amounts and naming them something relevant and easily identifiable in DoxCycle. Then I post them all, individually, to TaxCycle and, being that the taxpayer here has a disability and a valid T2201 with CRA, I individually set the relevant medical expenses to code A in TaxCycle, which stands for “attendant care in Canada and claiming disability”.

I got so far to then realize that TaxCycle doesn’t aggregate all of the code A and cap them to $10,000. If you want TaxCycle to cap the attendant care expenses, you have to summarize them and enter them all in one line on the medical expense worksheet.

See screenshot for visual of the situation. The highlighted line is the one I ended up having to create and will need to delete all the other ones.

So much time wasted. Please, TaxCycle folks, I would appreciate a bit more information about those kinds of limitations with your software to be more forthcoming. Mid-April-rant-under-increasing-stress over.