Attendant Care

My client is in a care facility.

When I claim Limitation A - Attendant care in and claiming disability, I have $21 owing.

When I claim Limitation B - Attendant care in and not claiming disability I get no refund and no balance owing. However, TaxCycle is still claiming disability.

Optimization defaults to Taxation year with all entries meeting that criteria.

When I manually disable the disability claim, the client owes $46.

I would expect option B would disable the disability claim. Am I expecting too much?

Limitation B doesn’t disable the disability claim, that’s on you to do once you’ve determined the attendant care is more than 10,000 + disability amount

Yup! Last year I did the same and didn’t notice it. Claimed the disability and the nursing home care. I ASSUMED the software would know I could not claim both and I missed it. CRA caught it on review, I fixed it, but it took from October until March to get it fixed at their end.

Lesson learned.

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You’re late to the party Helga. :smiley:

As far as I can tell… the only purpose served by “Limitation B” is to activate a diagnostic warning flag in Taxcycle that essentially says “Make sure you don’t claim the Disability”

One would think toggling between A and B should allow the tax preparer to determine which is the best option for the taxpayer. The two-step process makes no senses to me.

One for the suggestion box.

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Yes, great suggestion. If it can figure out split pension, it can anylize medical expenses

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Thank you for this post. It’s very timely for me as I am working on one now.

This may be an unrelated question - can the medical expense or the disability credit still be transferred to their adult child even if the disabled parent is living in an assisted care facility?

And can the amount for eligible dependant line 30450 still be claimed by the adult child assuming all other criteria are met?

Yes. I have a client that is claiming the disability for a sister, even though that sister lives in a nursing home. It has been approved by CRA. So this works for a parent too. Just make sure the adult child is approved by CRA to claim the disability.
Medical expenses is the same thing. Set up the parent as a dependant. Just make sure you allocate the expenses to the parent and not the adult child.

Thanks @Rein . Taxcyle is allowing me to transfer the Disability credit to the adult daughter but the credit remains on the disabled man’s return (although not able to be used) and it’s being transferred to the man’s spouse on S2. I don’t think both the daughter and the spouse can take the Disability tax credit but I don’t want to override Taxcycle. How do I remove it from the spouse’s return?

I never dealt with this. I would have a quick chat with TaxCycle support. You might have to overwrite S2.

Be prepared to show that the daughter is the one that supports him. I believe they always review this the first time.

Thanks. I called TaxCycle support and they told me to override it.

Change “Claim Disabiilty” on disabled person’s return or just leave it

Thanks David. I tried that but then the disability tax credit disappears from the daughter’s return entirely.