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Docusign software?

Does the signee have to have buy the DocuSign software in order to sign and return their documents?
I noticed that some blog participants are asking whether there is additional cost to use Doxcycle.
I have rarely used it but have done so more lately.
Are we getting Doxcycle as a full program or are we using a barebones version with the Suite?
Thank you.

The signee does not pay for Docusign.

The signee does not need to buy docusign. They just need to fellow the instruction and click on the Docusign’s Sign here icon. Now they have choice to sign using build in signs, hand written or they can import the one saved on their device.

I attended yesterday’s webinar which is now available on-demand.

Use the link below to enter the webcast at any time.

WEBCAST LINK: DocuSign Electronic Signatures

Thank you.