Docusign date format

I cannot seem to get the date format as YYYY/MM/DD on T183ā€™s using Docusign. Have set it up in Docusign as suggested by Cam in the video but mine are always M/DD/YYYY.

Is this something I have got messed up or are others noticing the same thing?

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Docusign uses the US format for dating. I had a discussion with them several years ago when I used them earlier. This was the straw for me.

Set the date yourself in TaxCycle.

Does not seem to matter how it is in Taxcycle.

Comes back as described.

Double checked one here and they seem to be coming back fine with YYYY/MM/DD. Iā€™d have to look back but I remember making a change he recommended in the first webinar on the Docusign side of things and it worked thereafter on all new ones we sent out.

Thanks for checking.

I believe I have done that. Watched it twice to make sure. That is my setting on my computer regularly as well. I wonder if it is like a double negative. Maybe I need to remove that setting in Docusign. Will experiment.

Found the problem.

There are at least two spots when I sign in to Docusign account where you can change the setting.

The one under my profile did not seem to accomplish anything.
The other under Admin did the trick.

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