Template Editor - French

Hi everybody.

First I just want to say that I love the flexibility that the Template Editor provides and all the options (email) that comes with it. Really help full and time saving.

I almost have finished all the clients letters in French and in Spanish, everything works ok.

There is one thing that I’m unable to resolve … and that’s the date language on letters. They ALL appear in English, is there a form (code) to change this?

Thanks for the help.


Same as my other response, this is likely a support question that should be emailed



What date format do you want to use? Give me some samples, I’ll test it out and post my suggestions here.

~ Cameron

Hi Camero, here is one sample:

In the english template {{ format(SigningDate, “January 2, 2003”) }}

equals to March 2, 2016

I can change it to

{{ format(SigningDate, “2 January, 2003”) }}

equals to 2 March, 2016

but what I need it has to be equal to 2 Mars 2016

Thank you

Would you believe… {{ format(SigningDate, “janvier 2, 2003”) }}

Let me know if this works for you. You can also use “janv” if you want the short form of the month.

~ Cameron

@Cameron I think in English, we go month day year; however, in french, it is day month year so should it not be {{ format(SigningDate, “2 janvier, 2003”) }}


Whatever you want… This is format by example, so what you have will work.

~ Cameron