Diagnostic to T936

If you are going to compare the T936 to the AFR, maybe you should round like CRA does on the roll or allow for a variance in the amount?

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I second that!

I’ll third that, Great idea James!

I had to neuter that review message a few weeks ago, as it appeared on almost every T1.

Off topic; I must say that I do find the RRSP Contribution history to be an excellent addition to the AFR Info Screen.

We currently allow for a dollar or tolerance between the total of the amounts CRA reported through AFR and the net of the two opening amounts of investment expenses and investment income on the T936 (lines 14 and 17). Given CRA is reporting a net per year which they compose from the various fields on the return and a couple on the T936, the difference could be quite high for any clients who claim expenses. Your sample above has a difference of 1.77. We could increase that tolerance to say $5, but really it is only important if the client has eligible capital gains, small business share or farm property dispositions. A better solution might be to leave the message as it is and, instead, make it only appear when eligible gains are entered on the client’s return.

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That would be absolutely perfect Allen !

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You still could also round the amounts on roll forward to the nearest $1 since you would always be comparing to rounded numbers. It may not stop the eventual error but in theory it should be closer.