CVITP and T1S60

I would love to see TaxCycle partner with the CVITP program! In recent years the only software that has been associated with the program is UFile, which is probably good for the non-pro volunteers but I can’t stand it!
I had been using my preferred software with a fillable T1S60 authorization (which worked OK), but now with Volunteer AFR & virtual clinics I am told we MUST use UFile (security protocols or something). Surely there must be a way to get CRA to allow alternatives again…
The CRA/CPA coordinator has indicated I not the only one who has expressed my displeasure with the situation. I know its probably too late for this year but maybe for next??

I second that! I do a lot of volunteer work with the CVITP and find UFILE very frustrating!

Me too. I hate Ufile with a passion.

I’ve also done CVITP volunteer work. Back in 2006 or 2007, they used Profile, then switched to UFile. I too found UFile very annoying and stopped using it, reverting back to Profile. That’s too bad that they are no longer letting you use your own software program. Very disappointing! I agree, it would be nice to see TaxCycle as part of that program.

So I went back through my emails and this is a direct quote:

“Sadly under the CVITP, UFile is the only software we are authorized to use. You are welcome to use any other software while volunteering, however you won’t be able to use AFR with it under CVITP.”

But this is part of the volunteer registration attestation:

*** only use the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program tax software to prepare returns for eligible taxpayers;**

So ???

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Fast Forward a year…UFile is still the default but a further discussion with the CRA contact at some point last year clarified that we only had to use it to submit the authorization (hardwired somehow), and then could proceed to use our own software to actually complete the return - that the reference to “only using” referred to NOT using the CVITP software/license for any other purpose.
So a question - is there a TC template for the TIS60 form anywhere to generate it in place of the T183?