CRA T2-Auto Fill

Was just listening to todays CPA Canada / CRA Webinar and they stated that T2 Auto-fill was introduced by CRA in October 2017. This will bring in CRA return balances and other items. After the Webinar I found this website ->

It will be a wonderful time saver for us when TaxCycle incorporates this feature and compares the imported information against the carry forward balances in the T2. Any time line as to when this feature will be added?


I suspect it is already in process. It would be a nice feature


This would be a very useful feature for CPA’s, undesignated professional tax preparers, and bookkeepers alike.

@jim_burch @james1 @dominique_dabolczi

We are currently working on this feature. We hope to have this feature soon. So, stay tuned!



I am working on my T2’s now. Is the GIFI import feature available yet?

Did you mean to say if T2AFR is available? If so, Yes it is.

If you did mean GIFI import, that is also available.