Autofill my return

While we are getting some returns in the office we are waiting for February 15th to really start doing anything with them and trying to figure out procedures when we really aren’t too sure how it will all work. On the CRA website it lists a bunch of information that will be available only to representatives with EFILE-certified software. Will TaxCycle be downloading all this information? I’m trying to figure out how this will be available.

Client Data Enquiry (CDE) information – available only to representatives with EFILE-certified software
balance owing
duplicate return
disability amount
unfiled return
external refund set-off
internal refund set-off
reassessments in progress
outstanding goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax return
working income tax benefit
immigration date
emigration date

Also has anyone figured why in this huge list of information being added with auto-fill my return CRA is NOT including instalments made?