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CRA Processing Review Issues during 2017

Anyone else noticing that the CRA is no longer adding the Reference Number to the Processing Review Letters even though they say that we have to submit under that reference number?

Anyone else noticing that the Processing Review Sections are no longer answering their phones? I have called both Summerside and Shawinigan and neither are answering their calls. The latest, Shawinigan-Sud Tax Centre, has had the phone ringing for 6 minutes without an answer.

I’ve noticed that preassessment reviews are not eligible for uploading and have noticed a few processing reviews that do not have reference numbers (other than the EFILE doc control number).

I dealt with a surprisingly helpful and pleasant person from Summerside’s processing review department yesterday. A client had his spousal support payment from 2015 denied on processing review and I was able to convince this lady to have them take another look at it. That was after dealing with a surprisingly agitated woman for the same issue on the general enquiries line who ended our call by telling me that she wasn’t going to argue with me and that I’m just wrong. As my kids say, lol.

What I have noticed is that you’re not allowed to wait for someone on the general enquiries line. If they’re full, they hang up.

Yes, this is correct, you need to fax or mail in. They do not accept uploads

The faxing is fine with me. I use a desktop fax system (SnappyFax) so it’s really not much different than uploading to CRA and no paper at my end.

These were all post-assessment reviews. The Notices were all issued back in April.

I am well aware that pre-assessment can’t be uploaded.

I received the Reference Number from the General Inquiries line about half an hour ago and uploaded the documents.

But why do I need to cal General Inquiries for this information which was always on the letters in the first place?

CRA policy??

How bizarre. I hadn’t thought about responding yet to the letters I have received. I see I have only 2 of 7 with a number. Will be interested to hear if it is in error, or if the number is left off intentionally.

The only one I got came by online mail and it has a reference number

The two I saw, both post-assessment, were sent by Canada Post. But there was a reference number for the second. It wasn’t on the letter.

I am finding this bizarre.

@Arliss - A question, were your letters received by post or through the online system? Are they all Post-Assessment or was there a Pre-Assessment Review in yours?

I have a feeling that there is a push-back from some employees in the CRA over the online system. The CRA is doing considerable staff reduction this summer given the pick up with online services.

All Post-Assessment and on-line.

13th St Johns - No
16 Shawinigan - Yes
19 Sudbury - No
19 Surrey - Yes
20 Sudbury - No
21 Winnipeg - No
21 Winnipeg - No

“Curiouser and curiouser,” said Alice.

Bet that the ones without the reference number all say that you can submit online. That is what I found for the ones that I had.

Yes all letters indicate:

Online: Send us your scanned documents using Represent a Client. IMPORTANT: In order to make
sure that your documents reach the Processing Review section, the reference number must be entered
into the Case/Reference number box on the Submit documents page. For more information, go to and click on “Submitting documents electronically.”

That will be difficult without such number.

We’ve had a couple at our office without reference numbers. When we phone in they say that they’ve had batches going out without references numbers. So far, they’ve given us references numbers so that we can upload them online.

Apparently a known issue that will be corrected. A phone call gave me all my missing reference numbers.

Not corrected yet.

27 Surrey - No

The previous Surrey letter had the number so I guess the problem is getting worse.:grimacing:

Duh. Just noticed the reference number is listed on the right most column when you go to “view mail” on RAC.

The reference number is available under the View Mail when you are in the taxpayer.

The reference number is NOT available when you View Mail under the Efiler ID! BUT, if you open the letter in the HTML version (not PDF,) the Reference Number is there.

The CRA is EXTREMELY inconsistent in how they handle this.

I didn’t get my reference number on the letter either even though they repeatedly say to use the number mentioned for all correspondence! They’re impossible to reach on the phone and there’s no mention of this correspondence in my online CRA account and hence I can’t look for a reference number there either. I’m not sure how to proceed with this. This is very inconvenient.

Here are two other places that I have found the reference number.

Try going into Represent a Client for the taxpayer. Check Mail. If the
letter is under the individual taxpayer, there is usually a reference
number also provided.

If all else fails, call the General Inquiries Line 1-800-959-8281 and ask
them. They also can provide the number.