CRA Offices closed

I tried to send some time-sensitive documents to CRA via courier - and was informed that the particular office in Vancouver was closed. So was the other office in Metro Vancouver. I looked at several other offices all over Canada - and found that all are ‘temporarily closed’.

Last March (2020) - I had sent a package to CRA via registered mail - and it took them four months to acknowledge.

Any ideas as to what can be done? These documents cannot be transmitted electronically. And as mentioned, these are time-sensitive.

Bring this to the attention of your county deputy and ask how to contact the Auditor General. Deputies offices have a work around and direct phone numbers to ARC.

They’ve been closed to public access for some time. They had mail boxes outside where you could drop stuff off but last week I found the box at the office on Terminal had disappeared. Not even a notice as to why or how long.
used the mail. Trust there won’t be a late penalty.

Lots of documents can be uploaded to CRA account through rep a client

COVID protocols trump everything.

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Upload via RAC or fax them to the appropriate office (they’re received electronically so are still handled). Some of us have phone / contact lists for various offices still (and some of the contacts do actually work…).

Can’t remember the last time I was able to walk into a CRA office or mailroom. Not for years.

These are about 1,200 pages documents. Fax won’t work. Unable to upload all the documents. I am stuck. Well – ONE DAY.


OK - piqued my curiosity…what can be 1,200 pages? (if you can disclose.)

I can’t imagine a reply being 1,200 pages, but use the Submit Documents section of Represent a Client. Even if you don’t have a Reference number, they are accepting documents there. Make sure they are clearly identifiable to your client (use business# or SIN)