CRA Individual Inquiry line

Hi everyone,

I am trying since yesterday to talk to an agent on CRA individual inquiry line, but keep getting the message that due to high volume all our lines are full and please call back later. Any suggestions how I can get into the queue or talk to an agent.


Try this fall. :laughing:

I had the same situation earlier this year and gave up calling the CRA.

Eventually, after a few tries, you will luck out and get in the queue. You will enter the information the auto voice asks for, then you wait on hold, listening to their version of a soothing music selection. Then, after 2.5 hrs, more or less, the line goes dead, and you start the process all over again. But, it’s possible you will eventually get through. Stranger things have happened.


Try and call at times outside of the Ontario business day (earlier or later), earlier in the week is better than later. Get a headset so you can move around and do other thing while on hold. And don’t forget that they are allowed to record anything that you say even while on hold so don’t discuss anything sensitive unless you mute yourself first.

Otherwise? Just keep trying. I keep a list of all the clients that I need to deal with CRA about for a week and then spend a day trying to get through and get the agents to transfer me to other agents as needed.

This has happened before! I remember calling around to the other students in my office if anyone needed to talk to a CRA agent once I was done with them because it was so hard to get through in the late '90s!

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Timing the calls for doesn’t seem to work anymore as their system now knows & adjusts to the time zone the call originates from…so maybe we will all need a VOIP that originates elsewhere??

I believe you dial *67 first to hide where you are calling from.

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That’s very interesting. I’ve never considered whether CRA can still hear me complain about them while on hold.

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If they have enough people to listen to callers’ recordings, then they can answer the damn phones.


Finally, I was able to talk to the agent today. :smiley: Thanks everyone for the support.