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CRA Business Enquiries telephone line

Has anyone used the new “call back” service described here?

I’ve been trying to get through to a live agent (via 1-800-959-5525, option 6) since last week. Every time I have called, the estimated wait time has been over an hour, so I gave up and tried later. But, when I called this morning, the estimated wait time was “30 to 45 minutes”. I was going to wait, but then there was a message that I could get a call back! I opted for that - acknowledged my phone number, etc. Two hours later, I still did not get a call back, so I called again. This time the estimated wait time was 1.5 - 2 hours, and NO message about the optional call-back!

I’m thinking this new feature is doing the opposite of what it should be. It should be giving the option for a call-back if the wait time is MORE than xx time. Is anyone else seeing this?

I’m trying to report this to CRA, and used the online comment form on the CRA website, but have received emails back saying, “You have contacted Service Canada…”, and then they direct me contact CRA.

The only other thing I can find on the CRA website, about how to report this, is to use an RC-193 form:

Gotta love bureaucracy, huh? And, I still haven’t got a call back - now 3.5 hours later…

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I understand your frustration about waiting on the phone line hope the below tips can help.

I am not sure if the Dedicated telephone service for income tax service providers would be able to help you with your specific inquiry. However, I have found they answer the phone much fast than the regular phone line. The link is below.

Historically, when I want to call the CRA I try calling 1 minute before the phone lines open so by the time I have dialed the number and got through to the line I am looking for I am connected within minutes.

Alternatively, I have found that calling one hour before the phone line closes on a Friday to be the next best time to get connected without long wait times.

I hope this helps.

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Personally, I try phoning them with less than 30 min left in their operational time. I find that to be the least crowded. Haven’t tried the callback option and have noticed that it does/does not appear at apparently random times.

Just noticed this on their website:

Who can use the service?

At this time, the new automated callback service will be only be available to those calling the Business Enquiries line from a 10-digit North American phone number.

How do I use the service?

When wait times reach a certain threshold, callers will be given the option of a callback, rather than waiting on hold. To receive a callback, callers will be asked to confirm the number they are calling from or enter a different 10-digit North American phone number.

Taxpayers who opt for a callback will be given a randomized four-digit confirmation number, which will be repeated back to them by the call centre agent at the time of the callback. This is to provide assurance to the caller that the call is legitimately from the CRA. Once confirmed, the agent will proceed with the usual caller authentication process.

When will I receive a callback?

When a callback is requested, the CRA strives to call the taxpayer back within the estimated wait time that was originally provided to them on the phone.

If you have requested a callback from the CRA, please ensure you remain accessible at the number you provided.

If we are unable to reach you after two attempts, your callback will be cancelled.

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Hi Nezzer, the CRA agent told me that the call back feature will probably start from next week.


We tried to use the call-back service. Never did receive a call back (several days later).
Not super helpful.

I received the message this week about the callback this week, prob. on Monday. CRA said that they only call back 2 times. I left a message and received a callback in about hour or so.
Later in the week, the option wasn’t there and I was on hold for about 45-50 minutes.
It appears that they started to roll out the system, but had some hiccups.