CRA - High volumes preventing efiling

Has anyone been getting this message when they attempt to efile?. I have been attempting to efile returns since this afternoon with no success.
The Canada Revenue Agency is experiencing high volumes of transmissions and is unable to process your return at this time. Please try again in a few minutes."

Represent a Client, AFR, and T1 Efile went down just before 5pm EDT yesterday.

Represent a Client seems to be completely offline this morning as soon as you hit the blue “CRA Login” button with a pre-programmed “This service is not available at this time” message.

I haven’t tried to Efile a T1 this morning but presume that service will still be out as well. My Efile rejection message yesterday read “The Web service may be closed for a scheduled maintenance” lol.

CRA just informed me that it should be in an hour or two… from now which would put it at 10 or 11 am Atlantic Time… sigh… technology



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The latest word from the CRA is that the system is down and will be running again by 10 am EST this morning.


Lies. 10:27 AM EST now.

10:54 am. Still down. Suspect it might be longer than they thought!

I just efiled 10, it must be up.

System is back up. Autofilled and efiled. Express NOA is delayed, probably because of pent up demand.

Seems the website is down again this morning? Tried twice at both 7:30 & 8:30 EDT.

was just in RAC…